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Product Hunt Rewind

Increase mobile app retention and engagement amongst makers and consumers




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1 year


The Product Hunt mobile team was built in order to capture Product Hunt's community in a more valuable and authentic way. Makers launching a product typically only came to the website once every 6 months, and our typical consumer only used the site twice per week.

I was a founding member of our mobile native efforts and responsible for delivering growth by increasing our daily active users, retention rates and building a more delightful pocket experience.

Rewind screens

Creating a mobile-only feature

We knew from community feedback that creating a mobile-only feature would drive more eyes to people's phones, so we tasked ourselves to build the most engaging and interactive experience we could.

Our launch strategy was to send out a test to 600 power users and begin teasing through social media and our newsletters. Once we were confident things were ready to go out for everyone, we prepared an interactive email that people opened to download the mobile apps.

Boost Mockup

Personalising user data

Personalisation was a key aspect of the Rewind experience. Human psychology tells us people care about their own data so we set out to curate data that was personal to each user. Streaks, launches, upvotes and comments were some of the initial ideas that we later expanded out into archetypes.

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Social proof

We also used a hashtag on twitter to gague how many people were sharing their Rewind, it proved out to be one of Product Hunt's best performing social campaigns behind the annual Golden Kitty Awards.

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By the numbers

The numbers reported were after we rolled out our Rewind project:

25k WAU users (50% increase)

25% retention rate (20% increase)

15% app sign up rate (5% increase)