I'm a multi-disciplinary Product Designer based in London, previously working at Product Hunt. When I'm not desigining, I enjoy playing pool, spending time with friends and reading a good book.


I have over a decade of experience working across design, business, engineering teams from 0 → 1 products as well as established ones.

My work has been featured on Dark Mode Design, One Page Love, UX Collective to name a few.

Currently contracting, and open to new roles.

Apple Park, California 🇺🇸
Sicily, Italy 🇮🇹
My attempt at latte art ☕
My attempt at latte art ☕
My drone shot of Tower Bridge 🇬🇧
Me on vacation 🇮🇹
Lake Tahoe, California 🇺🇸


To me craft is in the hidden, noticable without being noticable. Similar to taste, it's the biggest factor in deciding whether a product ends up feeling good or not. Regardless of how much skill is involved.